This is a Test Opinion Only

opinionThis is just testing about opinion, soo in general, an opinion is a verdict, viewpoint, or declaration about issues commonly considered to be very subjective, i.e. based on that which is less than absolutely certain, and is caused by feelings or presentation of information. What differentiates reality from viewpoint is that information are proven, i.e. can be logically proven to have happened. An example is: “America was engaged in the Vietnam War” compared to “America was right to get engaged in the Vietnam War”. An viewpoint may be reinforced by information, in which case it becomes an discussion, although people may attract opposite views from the same set of information.

Opinions hardly ever change without new justifications being provided. It can be reasoned that one viewpoint is better reinforced by the important points than another by examining the assisting justifications. In informal use, the term viewpoint may be caused by a person’s viewpoint, understanding, particular feelings, values, and wishes. It may make reference to unverified information, contrary to knowledge and reality.

Here is a video about opinion :



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